April 4, 2011

weekend review

Good day lovelies!

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Some pictures that make me smile from last weekend (I just got my camera back this weekend so I'm sorry these pictures are a week old hee hee)

These make me smile!
{desperate for a tan}

{i don't think the snow needs shades}

{found a comfy spot}

{i'm just going to test how thick the ice is....AHH it's so cold}

{i really love this man}
linking up at Life Made Lovely


  1. The snow! Wanna trade places for a day? I'm sweating my face off over here in California.

    And that photo of the loungers in the snow made me laugh out loud. Like, literally lol.

  2. Ahhh snow... looks so lovely. Don't get much of that here is Australia!!


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