April 18, 2011

yo-yo fun

Hello hello friends!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! This weekend I figured out how to make lovely little yo-yo's and I can't stop!

Here is a little tutorial for you.

First start by cutting out a circle (it will be half the size once it's done so 4inch circle =2inch yo-yo)
Once you have a circle cut out start the stitching, make sure to try and keep it even.

I forgot to take pictures of the next steps sorry dears! But once you stitch around the whole circle pull the thread. Pulling the thread will cause it to gather. Then make a little knot so that it doesn't come undone.

Then you can add any details you wish!

I did a bit of lace in the back and topped it with a cute vintage pearl button. I put this onto a bobby pin and presto!

Can you see it in my hair looking all cute? (it was grad this weekend too, but that is a different post)


1 comment:

  1. Adorable. A friend taught me how to make something similar last year only she didn't include the cool stitch, pull, and tie! that makes it so much more fun!
    You can also (depending on the fabric) use a candle flame to melt up the edges for another fun layer.
    Thanks for the tip. So cute!

    Also, thank you for entering the giveaway at a yes place.
    Don't forget that you can come back for a second entry and share a link to a post where you mention and add a link to the giveaway on your own blog!

    Hopefully you will have your own fresh set of fun new reusable bags from one of these five weeks of giveaways!
    Best to you.


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