April 28, 2011

pretty things & thoughts

Happy Thursday friends!

For Easter my momma got me a beautiful plant. When I woke up one morning one of the flowers had fallen off, so I took pictures.

It has petals growing right in the middle of it. In the yellow pollen-y stuff it looks very beautiful and full!

Guess what else?! I won a giveaway from Andi, that is pretty exciting. She is having a huge sale in her etsy shop so just click on her name and you will go right there.

Also I was thinking that if anyone wanted to do some guest posting/tutorials/giveaway here on my blog just leave me a comment or email me abranconier{at}hotmail{dot}ca (notice that it is CA not COM) and we can figure something out. It is a great way for other people to find your blog or shop with out having to pay for advertising.

I have my interview today, I'll let ya know how it goes. But I do believe that is all for now. I am wishing you all a very wonderful Thursday. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping here. So I think I might go enjoy the out doors for a bit with a cup a jo and a book.


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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment about my little "Home" sign. These flower pics are BEAUTIFUL!


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