April 16, 2011

sisterly love

Happy Saturday friends!

Today I am sharing a few pictures of my baby sis and I. Boy oh boy do I ever love and miss this girly! I haven't seen her for a few months since I've been at school.

My sweet little bean (that's what I call her) has such a personality and fun way about her at the amazing age of five. Although there are 15 years between us we are bestest friends and I hope that as we both grow up that will never change.

These pictures are from after she gave me a 'makeover'. She is a little princess makeovers are very important to little princess, along with dancing around the living room, doing ballet, and hugs and kisses! Princesses always give lots of hugs and kisses, it's a wonderful thing.

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  1. such sweet sister moments! love this. :) i am sure i am just around the corner from hosting some princess makeovers with my little girl.

  2. Wow, this gave me goosebumps. How lucky you are to have each other. And there is nothing better than a princess makeover!

  3. I can feel the love in your photos and it just makes me smile :) You are blessed. I have 5 sisters and they truly are my best friends, always there for me no matter what .

  4. This brought a little tear to my eye...I've been mighty emotional lately....so great that you have such an amazing bond with this sweet little girl!

  5. How neat to have such a relationship with your sister. I have a cousin who is 16 years younger than me and we have a similar relationship. I am her Godmother and she is my youngest daughters Godmother. Got to love little girls. My oldest daughter loves to give me makeovers too, we go to the fancy clothingstore and she picks out outfits for me to try. It is always fun.
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  6. Those are such cute pictures! And your sister is adorable! It's so good to see that even though you have such a gap in ages, you are so close.
    Visiting from coffee with friends at eisy Morgan.

  7. It looks like the two of you have a ton of fun together. I also love your header pic.


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