April 13, 2011


Hello lovely friends!

I really hope that you are enjoying the nicer spring weather. I have been sitting in local coffee for many many hours studying for my most dreaded exam.... western civilization.

I am not good with dates and remembering little details so I'm really nervous. I have put more hours studying for this exam than any other exam in all my schooling life. So if you think of me tomorrow at around 2 pm...pray for me... pretty please. I brought a friend with me to study today she has left most papers til now so she is b-u-s-y so sitting in silence together studying is really all we can do at this point in the semester.

I love her! and the wonderful thing is we will be living minutes away from each other this summer. Can you say beach, bonfires, and lots of laughing!? I am pumped!

Well back to studying for this girl.
Thanks in advance for your prayers.


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  1. That's something to look forward to whilst up to your neck in studying! Best of luck. I sent up a prayer for ya :)


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