April 6, 2011


Hello Friends!

do you ever get those days? ya know the ones, the ones that God throws at ya because He is saying, "Today you are going to be stretched and grow." Hmm I love those days (please note sarcasm). Well that was my day today and looking back on it I am glad that this day happened.

Well today was going along being a great day. I finished off a personal reflection for a class then started on my f-i-n-a-l paper (yes folks FINAL one the mountain has been beat) this was very exciting. I then headed over to get a massage that I had scheduled for today (it is important to be relaxed going into exam week, at least that is my justification). After that I headed over to go babysit because I was needed earlier than usual today, which I love because if you know me you know I love kids and am just dreaming of becoming a mommy. So the little one and I played and danced and played some more then headed out for a lovely walk around campus. She blew kisses at passer bys, I smiled as I watched their hearts smile. During our lovely walk we came across a friend with a guitar and we danced and sang to some row row row your boat, Jesus love me, and the rock song (that we made up). It was great fun! She went down for her nap and I got to work away at my f-i-n-a-l paper and got a good bit done. During this time I had received a text from a friend asking for a ride to the city. I'm not very good at saying no and the city means starbucks right? So I said sure. Now this friend is not the easiest person to be with and I have a difficult time when I'm with them. I am unsure how to react because they crave attention and love but seek for it in the wrong ways. I am always challenged when I am with him but it God teaches me something new whenever I am with him. I find it very difficult to be kind to someone who is always negative and turns everything toward themselves. My fuss is often short when I am around him and I have been known to burst when I am with him. However today God gave me patience that I never asked for but I appreciated so much. I was able to be spend time and talk with him even though it may have been surface. I was able to be with him and not have rude remarks to answer his crying out for attention. I was able to love him. I had to smile a lot and I think that smile was plastered on so that my lips could not move at times. This was very growing for me. It may sound confusing and I'm sorry but I just needed to get it out and I made a little picture to go along with it.



  1. thank you so much for coming by my blog. I hope you'll visit often. This post did not sound confusing to me at all. I have a relative like that and I know exactly what you are saying and feeling. My relative thinks I am a very quiet person because I don't talk much. The reason I don't say much around her is because I am afraid I will burst and let it all come out. So I stay quiet and like you, smile a lot. :)

  2. Wow! Now we can all learn from that!
    Yes I have friends like that too and that gift of patience goes a long way..
    lovely blog!
    xx Stacey


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