April 24, 2011

easter weekend

Happy Monday!

So I'm super excited to be sharing my weekend with you! It was such a great time to reflect on what Christ did for me (& you), as well as being with the people I love.


1 ~ Clint and I driving to my mama's place for Easter. I always take goofy pictures while driving. One very important thing for road tripping is good music. And right now I am loving Mumford & Sons! you should give them a listen if you haven't heard them yet. Also did some crocheting, made a couple mug sleeves.

2 ~ Family time. Eating yummy food. Letting Callie sneak on the table. Watching cousins play DS. Totem pole: Erin, Callie and I. Sista pics. Clint and I. Grandparents. Finding out that there is a new cousin on the way, EEEEE!!

3 ~ New tradition is an Easter tree. Mama printed out pictures of the Easter story and what Jesus went through. Before hanging the picture on the tree she explained what each one was. I loved watching the boys listen and watch so intently.

4 ~ It was my little sistas birthday! Yee! I cannot believe she is 14, where did those years go?! (Also that makes me old, YIKES!)

This was my wonderful weekend, hope you had a great weekend too.
What Easter traditions do you and your family do?
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ps. I was looking on my stats and someone pinned one of my pictures on pintrest. That was kind of exciting! I'm to scared to join for fear that I will never stop looking at all the wonderful pins.


  1. love all your collages. what fun captures! looks like a lot of fun was had :)

  2. Looks like a very fun weekend! Happy Easter Monday! :) & Mumford & Sons = ♥

  3. That looks like a really fun weekend! Also, I am going to need you to put up a tutorial on how you edit your pictures. Seriously, great job!


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