March 1, 2012

10 things most people don't know

10 things most people don't know about me

1. clint is one foot one inch taller than me
2. i am left handed

3. a.l.o.t. of people think my mom and i are sisters
4. i really enjoy hard core music and shows, most people don't believe that
5. i got poison ivy on this date... because i picked it!
6. one of my biggest pet peeves is dirty dishes left in the sink!

7. i shaved my head four years ago
8. i'm kind of a hick (ditch fishing = catching fish with your hands)
9.people think jana and i are sisters
10. i drink my coffee black

what are some things that most people don't know about you?


  1. LEFT-HANDED! ME too, girlfriend! Love it! & man, you can totally rock that bald head!

  2. I drink my coffee black too! Let's see...something most people dont know about it! I love doing laundry only because I get to peel the lint off the lint trap when I finish a load in the dryer. I love when it all comes off in one piece. I know, I'm weird. :)


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