March 19, 2012

yumm-o brussel sprouts

i love brussel sprouts!

i could eat them for an entire meal .....
and maybe i do that sometimeshere is a super simple and yumm-o recipe for amazing brussel sprouts

2 cup fresh or frozen brussel sprouts
parm cheese

- steam brussel sprouts for a few minutes
- put them in a baking dish
- grate parm cheese over top
- sprinkle with some black pepper
- pop under the broiler for a min or two
- presto! yumm-o brussel sprouts ready to enjoy!


  1. Here is a really good recipe to try.

    I like my food a little bit sweet so I added some sugar. Delicious!

  2. Hey Amber! You were featured this week on tute tuesday! Thanks for linking up!


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