March 23, 2012

little things this week

these past two weeks have been so fabulous and i have been enjoying A LOT of outside time.i just love being able to sit outside side bare feet, chatting with a friend and enjoying the sun.
very first bridal shower! so much fun!
thank you soon to be in laws :)these hand painted were also at the bridal shower, they were amazing!
i love seeing buckets on trees, its a sure sign of spring!
bring on the canadian maple syrup!
nothing like a little mulit tasking, cleaning the bathroom while cleaning my pores!

just a few of the little thing that i captured the past two weeks.

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  1. nicely done with the multitasking!

    bridal shower funs!

    {over from the little things link up}

  2. I can't wait until I can sit outside in bare feet!

  3. I have never seen buckets on trees like that! That's how they get syrup?! So cool!

    Your blog is adorable!

  4. LOL Love the multitasking!!
    I love sunny weather. Seriously makes me so happy!

  5. Your blog is really cute! I discovered you through Hello Hue and I love it!

  6. Hehe, looks like a fun week! :) Bridal showers are always fun, of course. Happy weekend!

  7. Hey, just dropping in! I love your little blog here. And I love seeing little things that make people happy, so thanks for posting! We don't see buckets on trees down here where I live, but we sure are glad for the buckets that you folks use! Maple syrup = yummy! Have a happy day.

  8. Yay for bridal showers! Enjoy them to their fullest. :-) And I LOVE the multi-tasking! Stopping by from Hello Hue.

  9. your shower looks fun, esp the cookies!!

  10. Girl, you are so brave to put that picture of yourself with a face mask on! I don't think I'm that brave! You are too cute!

    YAY for bare feet! I definitely miss that transition from winter into spring when everything here is the same temperature!

    Thanks for linking up with me!!


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