March 31, 2012

the little things this week

Hello friends!
was it a rainy week where you were? it was very rainy here which meant umbrellas, and crocheting.
i needed to made a hook case because i am a.l.w.a.y.s. misplacing my hooks. if you were to look in my multiple purses that i rotate though in a week you could probably find at least one in every bag. hopefully i can find them all and they can find a home in this felt roll up.
along with rainy days come warm beverages!
i needed some timmies but they don't have cup sleeves so i used what i had in my car...
i'm pretty sure this is all sorts of wrong!
with the cooler weather i was more than happy to curl up in my cozy granny square blanket
and enjoy the company of friends.
i also conquered my fear of crocheting mitts, mind you they are fingerless but that just means they are perfect for texting or playing drawsomething. i also got some new lip gloss burts bees pink blossom, just the perfect amount of pink ting.
and the best part of this week is that i get to spend the weekend with this guy!
happy weekend friends!

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  1. fun, fun! that hook holder is a great idea...I just stick mine in a mason jar at home, but a travel case would be perfect so I wouldn't have to worry about losing them. :)

    Happy Monday!


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