March 8, 2012

typical day

i love reading typical day in the life of posts but i have never written one for my self so i figured why not now?!

typical tuesday, wednesday, friday
7-7:30 am wake up and text clint goodmorning and tell him how much i love him

then i change my wedding count down board (it is now at 107 days)
8:30 am i make myself some tea or coffee (right now its tea since i gave up coffee for lent)
then i write blog posts, read blogs and check social networking.
10:00 am i usually work on wedding stuff while i watch grey's anatomy.11:30 am make lunch and head to the caf so that i get out of the house and visit with friends
1:00 pm check mail / send mail
1:15 pm go to my friends office say hello
1:30 pm head back home make tea, pack any current crocheting orders or projects, pack home work
2:30 pm head to work
3:00 pm get to work (i am a support worker for adults with intellectual disabilities)
during my down time (once the girls are in bed) i crochet and do homework.
12:00am head back home and go to bed!

mondays and thursday i have class and don't go to work.
sometimes i run errands in the morning or go thrifting, just depends on what i'm feeling that day.

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  1. This was such a fun post to read! They are the kind of posts that make you feel like you know someone even better! I should do one soon...
    Oh...I think my favorite part was the screen shot of the text from Clint! It made me smile and think about when my hubby used to call me that (or something similar) while we were engaged!
    Alesha <3


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