March 9, 2012

besties, lattes & love

this week was pretty laid back but still super great.

i had girl time with my bestie!
i love her to pieces!
it also happened to be clint's birthday this week.
so i took him out for the evening.

we headed to an east indian restaurant that we had never been to before and let me tell you the food was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. i definitely want to go back there.
after supper we perused indigo.
then sat down to visit and some yummy lattes.
after lattes we headed to the theater to watch sherlock 2.
i really want the urban camouflage suits, if you have seen it you know what i mean!
they just crack me up.
i told some friends that they would make fantastic wedding gifts for clint and i.
this man!
oh how i love him.
i am so blessed to have this amazing man in my life and i cannot wait for him to be my husband!
let the adventuring continue!

on a side note have you entered this sah-weet giveaway??

have a happy weekend friends!

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  1. I love Indian food! I enjoyed watching Sherlock 2 but thought the first one was better :)

  2. Starbucks and Sherlock - perfect!

    (popping over from Life Rearranged)

  3. Yum! That Indian food looks really good!

  4. the food looked really yummy. I really like your scramble tile and hands pictures! visiting from Hello Hue linky party.

  5. Aww what lovely photos - love thema ll :) They're all full of love!
    I want some indian food PLEASE!! THe closest good indian food place is more than an hour away :(
    Happy weekend dear! ox

  6. We missed Sherlock 2 in theaters...we want to see it once it comes out on DVD, though! :)

    P.S. Your header picture makes me happy. So cute!

  7. I am not sure how you went to coffee after Indian, haha. Love it but it's always so filling and leaves such a *fun* taste in your mouth. You guys are brave :)


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