March 27, 2012

shower time....

bridal shower time that is....
and it was an amazing one!
thank you mother dear for putting it together.
i had a blast!!
unfortunately i didn't get to take many pictures as my phone was my only camera and it was doubling as the ipod for the music.
a lot of the wedding decor it being stored at my mommas place
so she used them to decorate the shower.
those red hearts you see were handed out and everyone wrote a sweet note or encouragement, wisdom, or advice.
they will be truly treasured!
this is before everyone showed up. it was a room full of amazing women whom i all look up to dearly and they all have blessed me greatly!!
there were four groups and we made wedding dresses out of toilet paper... apparently my lovely bridesmaids didn't want me to be to over dressed. my sister was more concerned that i have a guarder, alana was making sure i looked...full.... and lynnette was making sure i had a long flowing veil. the other teams did amazing jobs on wiping together a wedding dress. i was so overwhelmed and over joyed to spend an afternoon with such amazing women. clint and i are so blessed to have such an amazing support team behind us. it is such an encouragement to know that we are being prayed for daily and people who love us dearly will be there for us when times are hard.

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#9 ryan

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