March 29, 2012

dear prov,

dear Providence University College,i have been apart of your community for four years now. it has been a blast!
i was only planning on staying one year but you have a way of grabbing a hold of my heart an calling me back year after year, and boy am i glad you did!
my first year i made amazing friends! i learned so much and my eyes were opened to a whole new way of learning and growing. i was often frustrated because i had left assignments to last minute. year two came around and i found myself on student council, we had quite the group of student leaders that year but i treasure the friendships that formed so much! it was a fun year of planning events for the student body, and studying too. year three sprung up out of no where. because a lot of my close friends had graduated the year before it was time to meet new people. good thing i was a residents assistant and meeting new people was kind of my job. i loved the girls in my dorm, you made my year. now i am nearing the end of year four, only three and a half weeks left. though there were some difficult times there were amazing times too. so many wonderful memories that i will always remember. more importantly friendships that i will forever cherish! and somewhere along the way i earned a very expensive piece of paper.

thank you for grabbing a hold of my heart prov, its been a great journey!


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