March 20, 2012

weekend recap

i had a fantastic weekend and i wanted to share some of my pictures with you!
my youngest three siblings, clint, and i all went on a great hike at the lake this weekend. it was quiet, the weather was fantastic, and we made great memories.
we got up to the lake and the beach was covered in snow and ice. it was fun walking around, you could still make out some of last years sand creations. we stopped for a yummy picnic, first one of the year, and hoping for many many more.
after lunch we headed to a hiking trail. it was beautiful! we stopped and explored along the way.we also went of the beaten path every once and a whilewe were out hiking about for three hours. i couldnt have asked for a better way to spend my saturday. the adventure ended with everyone passing out,
you can see chloe's collection of goodies on her lap.
on a completely unrelated note i broke down and now have twitter
there is a fantastic giveaway going on right now so you should probably check it out

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  1. =) Looks like you had fun! What hike was it? I am hoping to get a lot of hiking in this summer. =) I am following you on Twitter now! =) I don't use mine a ton, but I guess it's good to have. =P
    Alesha <3


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